MUSE: Makers in Museums

Dorcas was commissioned to make an installation for Bruton Museum as part of Muse: Makers in Museums, a major cross-disciplinary project supporting artists to make new work responding to museum collections.

 “I wanted to make something that symbolised the undercurrent present in the museum objects; powerful yet dormant, archaic and unsettling, buried beneath a veneer of familiarity and domesticity. I think of the crocodile image as the epitome of an undercurrent in our psyches: ominous, still, waiting and almost invisible, but with huge submerged potential, like a coiled spring. I’m interested in the symbolism of the crocodile being an animal that lurks at the margins of the unknown, activating our primal fears and connecting us with the past.”


Muse: Makers in Museums was delivered by South West Heritage Trust partnered with Somerset Art Works and funded by Arts Council England, The Heritage Lottery Fund, Somerset and Devon County Councils and South Somerset District Council.